Gift certificate for yacht charter

Deciding about a present for a loved one or a friend is a difficult task. But we have prepared an original and unusual present for any holiday.

Certificate for hiring a yacht gives you an opportunity to choose any beautiful yacht. We will decorate it with flowers and balloons, organize good music, catering and hire a photographer.

For a Reference, We Apply Prices of Gift Certificates:

Yacht type, number of guests Price
Yacht for 6-7 guests, 2 hours of hiring 3300-3900 UAH
Yacht for 6-7 guests, 3 hours of hiring 5040-5880 UAH
Yacht for 11 guests, 2 hours of hiring 4760-5600 UAH
Yacht for 11 guests, 3 hours of hiring 7140-8400 UAH
Motor yacht for 6-7 guests, 2 hours of hiring 8960 UAH
Motor yacht for 10-11 guests, 2 hours of hiring 15680 UAH

The certificate gift is a universal variant for everyone.

A short journey on a yacht includes a variety of services, choosing the most beautiful ship and additional organization of the holiday.

The main advantages of the gift certificate:

The gift certificate can be activated, so you don't have to book ship in advance and find time in your busy schedule.

How to Get and Activate a Gift Certificate

With us, organize a trip on a yacht is quite simple. Contact us any preferable way (there is a phone number and an email on the site), and we will tell you about all the details.

The process of activation the certificate is even simpler. At first, decide about the yacht. We have a wide range of comfortable ships with different characteristics, capacities, and so on. You are free to choose any yacht if it is available. We will help and tell you about the most suitable option for your situation.

Then, you need to decide about the duration of the event. An optimal option is about 3 hours. This period allows you to fully enjoy the atmosphere and journey, get a lot of positive emotions.

To activate the gift certificate, follow the next simple steps:

Activation of the gift card should be done in advance (a few days will be enough) but not right before setting off. It guarantees that a high-quality service will be provided, and all preparations will be completed before your arrival.

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