Owning a yacht gives not only pleasure from a good holiday but also requires spending on maintenance of the ship. Often, owners lack the free time to go on a vacation while the ships only gather dust for weeks or even months.

We offer all current and future owners to minimize the maintenance cost without additional work. Leasing a yacht for charter is an optimal solution for this situation when your vessel isn't in use.

You can chart a yacht at any time, as well as take it back. Charter managers from Dream Yachting Time will take care of a ship as it was their own. Don’t miss the chance to get rid of increasing wastes on maintenance. Obtain a passive income from owning a ship with the help of the Dream Yachting Time.

In Ukraine, the most popular charter type is rent with a crew from 2 hours to 1 day. A charter management apartment takes care of signing contracts, preparing all the papers, and save from extra problems. You can still use your yacht for personal purposes whenever you want, like before, but you shouldn’t worry about the ship.

Owner’s Advantages

Dealing with the Dream Yachting Time company, an owner of the motorboat or sailing yacht can expect a lot of benefits like:

Renting a yacht to a charter company is a profitable investment. The profit from charting covers the costs of maintaining the yacht. And we will provide proper care about the ship so that the owner doesn't have to worry.

Often, owners are concerned about the active use of the yacht in charting and its conditions. But regular trips in the sea, on the contrary, keep all the systems of the ship ready to use as they are serviced every time. We pay a lot of attention to checking all the systems and units of the ship before every rent. And if needed, our specialists service necessary components.

How Will Your Yacht Make a Profit?

The yacht can be transferred to the charter management of Dream Yachting Time on both on full and partial management basis. There is also an option to rent a yacht for the long term.

We always discuss important details before renting to charter management:

Our qualified charter managers have a lot of experience and skills. Thus, we can easily find the best approach for any yacht, properly present it to the clients and work out an individual marketing tactic for effective promotion and management.

Search for good clients is not the only advantage of charting because it also increases the reputation of the boat after every deal. It can help the owner in the future to sell the yacht at the highest price. Our wide and various connections allow us to find a client in a short time to make the yacht work for you.

Yacht Income

The income from charter management depends on a range of factors like:

Today, there is strong competition, and the level of requirements for yachts is also high. The most popular ships are modern and new. They provide a high-level comfort in comparison with old ships. But classic types are also in demand among some people. It is possible to upgrade them accordingly to today’s tendency and make traditional boats popular too.

What Should the Owner Know to Rent a Yacht to a Charter

The modern yachting business gets more complicated. Clients get bigger choices and better options every day. It makes their demands stricter appropriately. That's why charter management is so important today to make a profit on your ship.

Yacht owners need charter management because, without a proper approach, nobody notices your boat.

Dream Yachting Time will take care of all maintenance and management details. We manage a crew, regularly exam boats, organize refits and team training. And we guarantee you confidentiality. 20-year experience allows us to make your yacht demanded and profitable.

Where to Start

You can contact Dream Yachting Time by phone +38 099 38 66 888 or by email

We will agree on the meeting, organize an examination of your ship, and carry out an analysis to present a suitable plan for cooperation.

Remember: you enjoy your time while the yacht makes a profit.

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